1. Make Mashed Cauliflower ‘Faux-tatoes’ Actually Taste Like Potatoes.

“Everybody always says that whipped cauliflower tastes just like mashed potatoes. Well, guess what? Whipped cauliflower tastes just like…whipped cauliflower,” Oprah writes. To fix that, she recommends mashing two boiled Yukon gold potatoes with it, which makes the whole dish take on the flavor of actual mashed potatoes. Problem solved.

2. Trade Out Your Protein for This Unexpected Entree.

Salmon’s always touted as the healthy fish for dieters, but OW would like you to give monkfish a try. The flaky white fish clocks in at 82 calories and zero carbs per 3-ounce serving, and the taste is often compared to lobster, so it’s a win-win all around.

3. Keep This in Your Bag for Extra Swag.

Beyoncé may swear by hot sauce, but Winfrey prefers to carry a more luxe condiment in her purse: Truffle Zest. “Truffles are the ultimate posh spice. But Truffle Zest only tastes expensive,” she writes. (Cost may be relative when you’re worth a reported $2.9 billion—a 50 mg jar costs about $14 at many stores, about 4.7 times what it costs for a bottle of Tabasco.)

The star loves it so much she often keeps some in her bag so she can sprinkle it on food when she’s out to eat. Instant jolt of flavor without adding a ton of calories.

4. Lighten Up Your Next Loaded Baked Potato.

Oprah confesses that when she lived in Maryland, she’d love visiting the mall food court for a giant baked potato loaded up with toppings—though all those spuds didn’t love her back. She’s come up with a lightened-up version for her cookbook, which trades the cheese sauce for about a tablespoon of grated cheddar per potato, and is loaded with a mixture of broccoli, corn and scallions.

5. This Ingredient’s the Key to Juicy, Flavorful Turkey Burgers.

Oprah mixes mango chutney into her ground turkey (along with a few other seasonings) to amp up the flavor in otherwise-bland turkey burgers. Her recipe is her BFF Gayle King’s favorite, according to Winfrey—and, apparently, King’s perpetually on the hunt for The Best Burger of All Time.

Another takeaway? Use ground dark-meat turkey (using the trick from tip No. 3) instead of plain old white meat to make it taste more like a traditional, ground-beef patty.

6. Invest in This Gadget If You Have a Sweet Tooth.

If you can’t resist sweets, Oprah says you need to get on board with sorbet, which tends to be lower-calorie (and loaded with fruit). “I put it right up there with the fork and dish towel on my list of kitchen essentials,” she writes. Her gadget of choice? The Breville Sorbet Maker.

7. Opt for This Instead of Oatmeal.

Quinoa’s been buzzed about for years, and it’s not just for dinner. Winfrey uses it as a substitute for oatmeal, toasting the quinoa first, then cooking it with apples and cinnamon. “It’s a great source of fiber, it’s gluten-free, and it’s a complete protein,” she writes.

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